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You can see us from afar!


Production of home and interior textiles, wholesale and retail delivery for hotels, restaurants, spas and hairdressing salons, the amount of finished products.


Any type and size of flagpoles by order of the client.

Beach flags

The flag is made of weather-resistant textiles.


We make high quality party flags 

Textile popoup ads

Roll banners and expo display.

Backlight printing

Backlight is a transparent material that is designed for backlighting.


Textiles for printing of latex and sublimation inks for banners, display stands.

What can we do for you?

We encourage you to review the Products page and, if you have any questions or ideas, contact us at to give you the information you need.

 +359886652265 info@flagfactory.bg


Flag Factory is a manufacturer of digitally printed advertising systems and products made of 100% polyester fabric. We have a printing base and equipment for large-format sublimation printing on polyester textiles of various types. We have over 10 years of experience in color profiling and according to customer requirements we can prepare individual color profiles for our various media. We work mainly only with proven Western European manufacturers of flagpoles, fabrics, ink and accessories. Trying to meet the demand of our customers, we produce:

  • stretch textile ceilings and walls
  • flags of state and custom flags in various shapes and sizes
  • pylons of aluminum and fiberglass
  • systems of aluminum profiles for making frames
  • banners and textile displays
  • single-sided and double-sided aluminum light boxes
  • Deliveries are our priority and with the possibility of delivery the next day.